About Community Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE)

Who We Are

Through partnership and innovation, the Office of the Chancellor advances learner-centered, global, and lifelong experiential education at Northeastern University. Community Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE) does this by starting with the goals of community organizations, schools, and government agencies; then aligning our work to engage Northeastern community members aseffective change-makers

We primarily engage in the neighborhoods surrounding the Boston campus, while also supporting the efforts of our colleagues at our vast network of global campuses. We offer an array of trainings, initiatives and programs that connect students, staff and AmeriCorps members with communities and offer them critical experiential opportunities to work alongside community members to address real-world challenges. Our work is guided by four key pillars: 

  • Social justice orientation: Our work is grounded inunderstanding and addressing systemic inequities in our local and global communities. We prioritize diversity, inclusivity and accessibility with the aim of contributing to a more just society. This work includes self-reflection and self-awareness of our own identities and privileges and how we move forward in continuous improvement and commitment.  
  • Asset-based approach: We believe that individuals, communities and neighborhoods thrive when we build upon their knowledge, interests, and capacities. We begin all work by learning about the assets and resources that exist and offering resources to build together.  
  • Reciprocity with community: We honor the experience, voice, and agency of the communities we enter and serve. This means that our approach to community engagement is not one-sided. Rather, we aim to build collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with communities. We hope learning and growth take place for everyone involved.   
  • Learning & leadership: Our programs and initiatives are grounded in Northeastern’s focus on experiential learning. We offer training and reflection to ensure participants are learning to be ethical changemakers. We also offer a range of leadership opportunities to help participants identify their skills, values, and goals of being a community-engaged leader. 

To engage with us, check out our Programs page or contact us at communityservice@northeastern.edu.  

Community Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE) is a part of Education Innovation in the Office of the Chancellor. The office plays an integral role in meaningfully connecting and engaging students, AmeriCorps members, and staff with communities in Boston and beyond. For students, community engagement offers critical experiential learning opportunities that allow them to understand and have an impact in the world.

This team oversees a robust suite of community engagement programs as well as offers training, reflections and consultations.  With an asset-based lens to community engagement and a commitment to strong reciprocal community partnerships, CSCE facilitates meaningful experiences for students, staff, and community partners. 

Our Campus Collaborators

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Our Community Collaborators

At the heart of our work are community partners—local schools, nonprofits, and government agencies. CSCE’s primary focus is to cultivate meaningful partnerships, guided by community knowledge and expertise. Together, we equip the Northeastern community to support local organizations and initiatives.