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CSCE is always happy and willing to do presentations about our community engagement work to a variety of audiences. If you are planning a training or event and would like us to speak to prospective students, current students, staff, faculty or community members, please reach out to us. We typically need 2-3 weeks to schedule and prepare a presentation.

Current presentations include

Community Service & Civic Engagement 101 (15-20 minutes): An overview of our office and the various programs and initiatives we run. This presentation is geared toward prospective and current students  

Asset-Based Community Development (15-30 minutes): An introduction to the philosophy that undergirds the work of the CSCE office. This training can include an interactive activity, and is often paired with a scheduled Community Walk.  

Voting 101 (15-30 minutes): A presentation led by a member of the Northeastern Votes Coalition to provide information on registering to vote, the election process, voter education, and the work of the Voter Engagement Coalition 

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