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The AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellowship (MPF) at Northeastern University grew from the America’s Promise Alliance, a collaborative network based on “5 Promises” that form the conditions youth need to succeed: Caring Adults, Safe Spaces, Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Serve. America’s Promise is a thought leader in dropout prevention, closing the opportunity gap, and supporting young people beyond high school.

MPF believes all young people in Massachusetts have a right to these Promises and delivers related interventions in Out of School Time (OST) settings to increase youth academic engagement – a key factor in dropout prevention. Through the Promises and research-based academic engagement interventions, MPF supports schools, city agencies, and community-based organizations in the effort to help youth reach their full potential. Fellows lead academic enrichment and college and career exploration projects at these host sites during a year of service.

Program Overview

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship (MPF) operates using a scattered site model placing Fellows (AmeriCorps Members) in cities across the state (Greater Boston, North Shore, Central MA, South Shore and Western MA). Fellows have a strong impact on students thanks to partnerships with nonprofit organizations, schools, and city agencies. When you are accepted into the program, you are assigned to a host site where you will lead and support out-of-school time (OST) programming to a cohort of young people between the grades of 6-12.  Over the course of your service year, your goal will be to increase youth academic engagement – a key factor in dropout prevention – and/or to support the college and career aspirations of each young person. 

MPF is a full-time service commitment, usually a great fit for new graduates and recent alumni. Below are some quick facts about the program:

  • Fellows commit to an 11 month service-year from August to June – completing 1,700 hours of service during this period. Fellows serve full-time at their host site, approximately 40 hours per week.
  • All Fellows’ service projects focus on supporting a consistent group of youth during the year through activities such as one-on-one advising and mentoring, planning and facilitating workshops, matching youth with tutors, leading college tours and other trips, and/or providing resources. The specifics of a Fellow’s project vary based on their host site placement.
  • While many Fellows have some previous experience in serving young people, it is not required. MPF and the Fellow’s host site provide training and support for Fellows throughout the service year.
  • In exchange for their service, Fellows receive a number of benefits including: $27,000 living stipend, $7,395 education award, free classes at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies, ongoing professional development, and more.

Service Year: August 2024 – June 27th 2025

Fellow Stories:

I joined MPF right after graduating college without fully understanding the impact it would have on my life. Although I majored in marine science in college with a heavy focus on research, I wanted to find an experience that would enable me to work with kids. Through MPF and my host site placement at Apprentice Learning, I have not only enhanced my ability to facilitate youth programs, but also project management skills, social media content creation, and building relationships with external partners.

Laura, Fellow at Apprentice Learning from 2021-2023

Serving with MPF is one of the best decisions I could’ve made. As a second year fellow I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve been at La Vida Scholars, my host site. Not only do I get to spend my days empowering and supporting my youth on their college applications but there are plenty of opportunities for me to grow professionally and personally through my host site and MPF monthly meetings. As someone who really values community I feel welcomed, valued, and supported with MPF staff which allows me to thrive at my workplace. Everyday I look forward to working with my youth and seeing them reach their own goals and aspirations. I am proud to be a a part of that process and furthermore I am proud to be a fellow with MPF.

Kat, Fellow at La Vida Scholars from 2021-2023

At Enroot, I work closely with immigrant students, build community among them, and support them in their endeavors. I facilitate relationships between them and their mentors, so they can develop their sense of self and of belonging. I see the impact of our work when my students say that they can rely on me, other Enroot staff, or their mentor for support. I love being able to see our students grow their confidence, develop their ability to advocate for themselves, and foster tightknit relationships with each other. 

Kalena, Fellow at Enroot from 2022-2023

When I first started MPF I was a little intimidated. I was unsure about the other fellows and felt I had a long way to go in order to catch up with all the materials. However, I found the exact opposite and realized that MPF is intentional about supporting fellows with the trainings necessary for success at their host site. I have found success at my host site, St. Stephen’s Youth Programs, through scheduling college tours for my seniors, hosting senior retreats, and creating opportunities for my youth to advocate for themselves at my organization. MPF built the starting foundation for my career path and I look forward to doing my second year at St. Stephen’s Youth Programs.

Dede, Fellow at St. Stephen’s Youth Programs from 2022-2023

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